Important Announcement: 

We are temporarily suspending our services in our Center City office until further notice. It is a right time for us to participate in taking responsible action to safeguard your health and that of others. At the moment, we are only offering out-call services based on your location, parking and our availability. Please inquire about this option if you are interested.  


Thai Massage Services in Philadelphia and beyond 


The (Sanskrit/Pali) word “Nuad“ means “touching with the intention of imparting healing”. This millenium old far-Eastern method of healing is a unique body therapy and also known as THAI MASSAGE.


Come and experience a powerful mind/body healing technique,
bringing the recipient  to heightened states of physical and spiritual well-being.


“It’s always a good experience the massage at the Nuad Bodywork. Me and my husband go frequently and we think it’s for sure the best massage we found. I really recommend!”



“The abdominal massage experience was new and intense and revealed tight spots that I didn’t know that I had. ”



“This was my first time for both Thai Massage and Chi Ne Tsang, and I had a very positive experience with both. I wanted to treat myself to some powerful healing as a birthday present, and I am very glad that I did. I think some major shifts happened during my treatment.”